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June 25th, 2015|0 Comments

In spite of my inconsistency in all of my other online ventures, I’ve managed to be faithful in uploading an audio chapter each week for nearly three months now. I feel pretty good about that. They’re the beta chapters for my science fiction novel  Alienated By Blood. If you’d like to hear them, search my name on iTunes to find the podcast, or go to my website at (For now, you’ll want to start on my website. I accidentally limited the podcast feed to 10 episodes, so the first two chapters are only available on my website. Hopefully that will get fixed tomorrow when I upload the next chapter with the new settings.) I love listening to audio books, but I’m definitely not an expert reader. You’ve been warned.

Our movies are cruising this summer. We’re halfway through our 10-minute short Regrets and making pre-production progress on our 20-30 minute short The Green Backpack. While Regrets is by far more complicated technically, The Green Backpack is perhaps our most ambitious offering to date. It’s a drama and based on one of Jose’s short stories that we both really love. Unlike most of our other films, none of it will be shot at our house. We’ve got the museum lined up already. We’re still looking for the right vacation rental for the finale.

The other thing I’ve been doing lately, besides my day job and carting my kids around, is an online writing class led by James Patterson. He’s amazing. I don’t write mysteries and I’ve only read like two of his books, but he’s a great teacher. He certainly has the creds: 70+ best-sellers and decades in the business. Plus, I love that he wrote for years while holding down a day job. No instant success, just hard-earned mastery. And though I have always been a little put-off by his TV commercials, he’s actually very charismatic and humble. He gives useful tips and loads of encouragement. If you want to check it out,

I’m also still trying to get into better shape. The latest venture involves a treadmill desk. I’m the klutziest person God ever created. Wish me luck!

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